Kindred + Wild is really an experiment towards a certain aspired lifestyle. Years ago, in slow transition away from the disposable, synthetic and unnecessary, I began to replace my skincare products by making my own. Eventually it dawned on me that I’ve gone without a face wash or a face cream for years (even without shampoo for a month once), used my own lip balms and seem to have a permanent and increasing collection of essential oils. It was time to do something about it. 

Kindred + Wild products are natural, organic products for everyday use and rituals which are born out of my own experiences with skin issues and the eventual holistic approach towards life and health. My research for plants and inspiration for products is rooted in the concepts of Herbal medicine, Ayurveda, history + folklore, manuscripts and books like those of Nicolas Culpeper, John Gerard etc. and other traditional herb wisdom. 

About Me

In the past I’ve studied Fashion, Display Design and consulted on paints, fabrics for interiors. But of the many experiences (and all of them have led to here!) the most influential and life changing were:

As a Botanical Dyer, when I taught myself to identify urban plants and would go out foraging.

As a Field Cook, cooking for children’s camps outdoors, learning to make cakes by campfires, and sleeping in the forest.

Participating in a herbal remedies workshop over 10 weeks, getting up close and personal with some of the common English plants.

As a Product Stylist helping designer-makers and independent shops bring their amazing and handcrafted products to light. 



Mugdha Sapte

My Compass Points:

Simple + Natural

Curiosity + Exploration

Holistic + Honest

Nature + Outdoors

Tactility + Aesthetic


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