Terms of Service

  1. Lets face it. No one likes to read the T&C's. Who has the time these days? So I'd like to keep it simple
  2. Batch Variations: Plant based ingredients will naturally vary from harvest to harvest. And although I make every effort for consistency, batches will vary due to the nature of handmade. 
  3. Refunds: Within 14 days of postage, unused and in a sell-able condition, in original packaging. Refunds will be issued up to 30 days after the returned products have been received. Postage costs will not be reimbursed.
  4. Shipping: Currently in the UK. Please contact me directly for shipping outside of UK as the costs would depend on the size of the order. 
  5. Issues: If you have any issues, queries or feedback please contact me and we can sort it out. I believe in keeping it fair and would try my best to do so. Your feedback is valued and patience appreciated.
  6. Disclaimer: I endeavour to provide the relevant information for all the products as much as possible. Please read the labels carefully for ingredients and warnings. I recommend patch test for all products. Try the samples first. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before using any product with essential oils.