White Sage Small Smudge Stick

White Sage Small Smudge Stick



I've been fascinated with burning smudge sticks for a few years not. Native Americans burn white sage to cleanse a person or space off negative energy. But I remember last year reading an article about how some experiments showed that burning of herbs particularly sage helps dispel viruses and pathogens which hang around in dormant air indoors. Since then I use smudging just after someone's been ill in the house or is about to be. I have no idea if this actually works but I love the ritual of it. More about it on the Journal.

How to use: 

Light the leafy tip with a match and let it catch the flame properly. A few seconds later shake or blow out the flame if if hasn't died down already. You can let it rest in a ceramic or fireproof bowl or a dish. I like to move it around the house in every room till I feel the smoke has reached every corner. One stick usually lasts me 2-3 uses. 


Do not leave a burning smudge stick unattended. Keep away from smoke alarms and be careful when picking up your bowl or dish once its burned, It will be hot. 

White Sage environmentally and sustainably collected in California. Approx 7-8 cms long.

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