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small batch + Organic + Apothecary



This first collection is based on everyday herbs for everyday care. Herbs and Flowers which grow in the gardens, meadows and parks in the UK. You will have seen them and would recognise them. Some of these you may be cooking with. Like Rosemary. But somehow their virtues are lost on us, their uses and wisdom fading to history. So this first collection is to celebrate the plants and their powers hidden in plain sight in our gardens. 

a few kind words...

"The balm (Violet + Yarrow) that I purchased from Kindred + Wild far exceeded my expectations! I'd had some irritated dry eczema on my elbows for weeks, and after just a few applications of the lovely smelling balm, my elbows were back to normal again! Couldn't be happier with my purchase. " - Emma Witwicki

"I was really torn which to order in the bigger size but in the end went for Herb Oil 1 as it's a really nice light weight oil, the delicate smell of lavender and chamomile was pleasant but not over powering and I found it really relaxing to put on my face before bed. My skin, which can be a little temperamental is also happy with it and I've not ended up spotty or greasy."  - Imogen Hassal